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About us: The Journey is the goal

Already in 2012 the path was set for the opening of Dialando in 2021. At that time, the website "ÅKSTRÖM" was founded in Sweden as a young company.

The foundation of "ÅKSTRÖM" was motivated by the love for watches, but also because of the fascination of the internet and the resulting possibilities to develop a new business area and to sell fashion and quality watches at best prices in an uncomplicated way.

In the beginning "ÅKSTRÖM" was used in the field of dropshipping, which means direct shipping from distributor to customer. But already in 2013 the path for a warehouse in Sweden was set. Meanwhile our warehouse has reached a dimension of about 2000 watches, which are available for the daily shipping to our customers. In addition, there are over 6000 different watch models available, which can be delivered within 2 working days!

In 2014 our site was renamed from "ÅKSTRÖM" to "ÅKSTRÖMS" and the company's registered office was moved to Cyprus, where a company in the form of a limited company under Cypriot law was established. This step was necessary in order to be prepared for future international challenges.

Until 2015, sales were made not only on the company's own website under "ÅKSTRÖMS", but also on popular Swedish online marketplaces. Shipping was exclusively to private customers, but in 2015 the business was expanded from B2C (Business to Customer) to B2B (Business to Business), and a cooperation was established that has continued to this day.

In 2017 our company has already grown to 8 office employees + warehouse staff in Sweden. In addition, one employee was hired to train as a watchmaker; for this reason, the company now proudly employs its own watchmaker. In 2018 a local watch repair store was also opened in Paphos (Cyprus).

Since its foundation in 2012, the company has exclusively supplied customers in Sweden. During this time, more than 40,000 customers have been served and our Facebook page has now reached 36,000 followers, which we are also immensely proud of!

At the end of 2019 the idea was born to offer our watches also outside the borders of Sweden. However, we did not want an ordinary website in only one language. Our idea was and is to offer watches in the language of each EU country.

Not every EU citizen speaks English or even Swedish, so the idea was born to open a multilingual website where every citizen within the EU can confidently purchase a watch at the best price in his or her own language - and with the usual local payment method.

Since "ÅKSTRÖMS" is a difficult name to pronounce for many people, a name was searched for that is equally easy and understandable for everyone. The name "DIALANDO" was born. The first part - "DIAL" - is derived from English, which means "dial".

At the end of 2020, Dialando will start with the first four countries: Denmark, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Sweden. After a short training period, the shipping and the offer will be extended to the entire EU.

  • 2012: Launching of the website "ÅKSTRÖM" and development of online sales in the B2C sector
  • 2013: Opening of an own warehouse with an external business partner in Sweden
  • 2014: Name was changed from "ÅKSTRÖM" to "ÅKSTRÖMS", and the company headquarters was moved to Cyprus
  • 2015: Expansion of the business model to B2B.
  • 2017: Company already has 8 employees in office + external warehouse staff. Relocation to a larger office is imminent.
  • 2017: New employee is hired and trained as a watchmaker.
  • 2018: Opening of a local store for watch repair in Paphos.
  • 2019: Idea for "DIALANDO" is born
  • 2021: Opening of our watch shop "DIALANDO" in the first 4 countries (Denmark, Slovakia, Netherlands and Sweden)

Since the beginning of our company in 2012, we have always been careful to keep up with the fast-moving times. Internet security is important to us, and we are always working to incorporate the latest developments into our website.

It's important for us to be accessible to our customers, and also to ensure that our customer service team has the appreciation that used to be so important to each of us, but has unfortunately been lost by many companies over time.

We promise you that you can always talk to us and that we will be available for you with the highest quality, even if you have already decided to go with a product.

Welcome to the Dialando watch shop!